Remote Vapour Thermometers
Sherman Instruments
Economical Remote Thermometers Available in a variety of ranges Various Case styles available Liquid filled models available where vibration is a problem Standard 6’ Copper Braid Protected Capillary. Longer capillary lengths are available
U-Clamp Panel Mount Case
Standard Models Model Dial Size/Case Temperature Range K20150 2” Panel Mount 30/240 F/C K25150 2.5” Panel Mount 30/240 F/C K25450 2.5” Liquid Filled Panel Mount 30/240 F/C K35150 3.5” Panel Mount 30/240 F/C K35620 3.5” Back Flange -40/120 F/C K35650 3.5” Back Flange 30/240 F/C K45650 4.5” Back Flange 30/240 F/C Other ranges available: -40/+65 F/C; -40/120 F/C; 0/120 F/C; 0/180 F/C; 30/240 F/C; 50/350 F/C Capillary Lengths available: 6’ (standard). Up to 75’ available in 5’ increments.
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