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Back and Bottom Mounting Options Rotatable Set Pointer Rugged Construction Three-Colour Dial Four Pressure Ranges - 60 PSI, 100 PSI, 200 PSI and 300 PSI Standard Temperature Range 60 to 260°F & 20 to 120°C 2½” and 3½” sizes Marsh Instruments Tridicators are designed and are suitable for hot water heating systems. These instruments indicate pressure in psi and altitude for pools and spas in feet of water. Temperature readings are in °F and °C. All models feature a set hand for setting the desired pressure and altitude of the installation. Typical applications include: hot water boilers, heated pools, spas and hot tubs.
Part Numbers Dial Size 2½” 3½” 3½” Connection ¼” NPT Back ½” NPT Lower Back ½” NPT Bottom Pressure Range 0 to 60 PSI / 0 to 130 ft.WC Y22026 Y22006 Y22002 0 to 100 PSI / 0 to 230 ft.WC Y22008 Y22004 0 to 200 PSI / 0 to 460 ft.WC Y22016 Y22012 0 to 300 PSI / 0 to 680 ft.WC Y22018 Y22014
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