Acorn JKT Digital Thermometer
Sherman Instruments
Sherman Instruments
Acorn™ Thermocouple Thermometer Easy to use automatic field calibration ensures accurate readings Accepts type J, K or T thermocouples IP54-rated case provides splash and dust resistance Minimum and Maximum reading memory The Acorn™ thermocouple thermometer features an ergonomic design, sealed keypad, splash and dust resistant ABS case, and a built in tilt stand. They accept a wide variety of thermocouple probes with miniconnectors. Acorn™ thermometers feature automatic field calibration - simply place the probe in a container packed with ice, fill with water and press the "CAL" button. The meter automatically recognizes the freezing point. The large LCD display shows temperature in °F or °C. A HOLD feature lets you freeze the display for later reading. Resolution is autoranging - above 299.9° and below -99.9°, the thermometer automatically switches from 0.1° to 1° resolution. Each thermometer is individually factory calibrated. Model Number 35627-00 (probe not included - see below for probe selection) Protective armour 35627-80 - Sturdy Rubber Protective Boot - Protects the unit against knocks and jars. Specifications: Range Type K: -418 to 2501°F or -250 to 1372°C Range Type J: -328 to 1832°F or -200 to 1000°C Range Type T: -418 to 752°F or -250 to 400°C Accuracy below -99.9°F (-99.9°C) ±0.25% of reading or ±2°F/1°C Accuracy above -99.9°F (-99.9°F) ±0.25% of reading or ±0.9°F/0.5°C Power: 4 - 1.5V AAA Batteries Dimensions: 2.7"W x 5.5"H x 1.3"D Weight: 0.9 lb (0.4 kg)
Standard Type K Probes
Compact Surface Probe Model 8439-72
Small Diameter Surface Probe Model 8516-62
Standard Surface Probe Model 8516-60
Clip on Oven Probe Stainless Steel Overbraided Lead Model 8468-22
Standard Immersion Probe (4.5” long) 8516-55 Standard Immersion Probe (24” long) 93601-44 Heavy Duty Immersion Probe 12” long 93756-23 Heavy Duty Immersion Probe 24” long 93756-24 Heavy Duty Immersion Probe 36” long 93756-26
Standard Air Probe 8516-75
Strap-on Pipe Probe Model 8469-82
Small Diameter Penetration Probe Model 93601-04
Standard Penetration Probe Model 8516-65
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