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Reed SD947 Four Channel Temperature Logger
Features Measures and displays 4 separate temperatures simultaneously Calculates and displays temperature differentials (T1-T2) Accepts Types K, J, R, S, E, and T thermocouples and PT100 ohm RTD Data hold and Max/Min record Measures in °C or °F Real time SD memory card data logger with built-in clock and calendar Sampling time set from 1 second to 3600 seconds Data recorded on the SD card is compatible with most spreadsheet programmes - no extra software to buy! East to read LCD display with back light Auto power off or manual power off USB and RS-232 interfaces built in Specifications Temperature Range/Accuracy Sensor Resolution Range Accuracy Type K TC 0.1 -100 to +1300°C (-148 to +2372°F) ±0.4% +0.5°C (+1°F) Type J TC 0.1 -100 to +1200°C (-148 to +2192°F) ±0.4% +0.5°C (+1°F) Type T TC 0.1 -100 to +400°C (-148 to +752°F) ±0.4% +0.5°C (+1°F) Type E TC 0.1 -100 to +900°C (-148 to +999°F) ±0.4% +0.5°C (+1°F) Type R TC 0.1 0 to 1700°C (32 to 3092°F) ±0.4% +0.5°C (+1°F) Type S TC 0.1 0 to 1500°C (32 to 2732°F) ±0.4% +0.5°C (+1°F) RTD 0.1 -199 to +850°C (-328 to 1562°F) ±0.4% +1°C (+1.8°F) Optional Accessories: SD-2GB 2G SD Card (SD-2GB) TP-01 Type K thermocouple probe (TP-01) USB-01 USB cable (USB-01) UPCB-01 RS232 cable (UPCB-01) AP-9VA-110V Power adapter (AP-9VA-110V) SW-U801-WIN Data Acquisition Software (SW-U801-WIN) BS-6 Tripod (BS-6) CA-05A Soft carrying case (CA-05A )
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