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Part Numbers: 35662-15 TDSTestr 11+ c/w protective plastic storage case, lanyard and batteries 35661-08 Replacement electrode 35624-45 Vinyl carrying case with belt loop. Holds one tester and solution pouches 35661-70 Deluxe calibration kit. Includes foam lined hard plastic carrying case, sample jar and two each of the following test pouches: 447uS, 1413 uS, 2764 uS, 15000 uS and rinse water.
Specifications: Range: 0-199.9 ppm; 200-1999 ppm; 0-10.00 ppt Resolution: 0.1 ppm; 1 ppm; 0.01 ppt Accuracy: ±1% full scale Temperature Range/Accuracy: 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F). ±0.5°C Wetted Materials: 316 stainless steel (electrodes) HDPE/Valox® housing Power: Four A76 batteries (approx 100 hours continuous use) or Four 357BP (approx. 140 hours continuous use) Dimensions: 6.5" long x 1.5" diameter (165 x 38 mm) Weight: 3.25 oz (90g)
Oakton TDSTestr® 11+ Multi Range Replaceable Electrodes Simultaneous Temperature Readout in °F or °C Adjustable TDS Factor for better accuracy Push Button Calibration Waterproof, Dustproof to IP67 and it floats! Automatic Temperature Compensation Operates as either cup-style or dip-style for greater flexibility Multi-Range Ultra-Low Range 0-200 ppm: Ideal for measuring TDS in distilled water, natural water, drinking water or purified water. Low Range 0-2000 ppm: Use for measureing TDS in natural water, or nutrient solution concentration in hydroponics applications High Range 0-10.00 ppt: Test TDS in salt water, waste water, cooling tower water or boiler condensate.
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