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MT110ATC Sea Water Refractometer The MT110ATC sea water refractometer uses the principle of light refraction in a liquid to determine the salt content/density of a water sample, placed on the front plate. It is a quick, accurate way to determine the salt content of the sample, in parts per thousand (ppt) and density in grams per litre. Specifications: Range: 0-100 ppt (0-10.0%) & 1.000-1.070 SG Divisions: 1 ppt & 0.001 SG
MT777 Propylene/Ethylene Glycol & Battery Refractometer The MT777 will give the freezing point of a sample of a water/glycol solution, which is placed on the glass plate. It will also give a specific gravity reading of battery fluid, along with the relative condition of the battery. Specifications: Range: -70 to 32°F & -60 to 0°C (Propylene Glycol) Range: -90 to 32°F & -70 to 0 °C (Ethylene Glycol) Range: 1.10 to 1.40 SG (Battery Fluid)
MT777 scale view
MT777 scale view. Click to enlarge
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