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R5008 Digital Multimeter Features: Auto ranging AC/DC digital multimeter with temperature function 0.5% basic DC accuracy 4,000-count resolution Diode check and continuity test Data hold function Double molded plastic housing EN61010-1 Cat. III 600V Includes AD-1 temperature input adapter, TP-01 Type K thermocouple wire probe, TL- 88-1 test leads, 6AM6X 9V battery, and CA-03 carrying case Specifications: AC/DC Voltage Range: 600V Accuracy: AC: ±1.2%; DC: ±0.5% AC/DC Current Range: 10A Accuracy: AC: ±3.0%; DC: ±2.5% Resistance Range: 40MÙ Accuracy: ±0.8% Frequency Range: 10MHz Accuracy: ±1.5% Capacitance Range: 200ìF Accuracy: ±3.0% Duty Cycle Range: 99.9% Accuracy: ±1.2% Temperature Range: 760°C (1400°F) Accuracy: ±3.0% Dimensions: 150 x 70 x 48mm Weight: 255 g
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