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Series CCT Current Transformers
The Series CCT40/50 Current Transformers are a low cost solution for measuring power and monitoring the operation of fans, pumps, or other  equipment. For ease of use on existing installations, these models offer a split core design which can be installed without disconnecting cables. Each model offers three jumper selectable ranges.
Specifications: Current Range: Field selectable; up to 200 A (depending on model). Output: 0 to 5 VDC Power Requirements: Self powered. Accuracy: 1%. Temperature Limits: -22 to 158ºF (-30 to 70ºC). Humidity Limits: 0 to 95% (non-condensing). Response Time: 250 ms to 90%. Isolation Voltage: 2000 V. Frequency: 10 to 400 Hz. Enclosure Rating: UL, 94 V-O flammability rated, ABS plastic housing. Approvals: CE, UL.
Model Range CCT40-102 10/20/50A (Jumper Selectable) CCT50-102 100/150/200A (Jumper Selectable
Dimensions in Inches and [mm]
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