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Gems Sensors/Warrick Level ControlsWarrick Level Controls
Warrick Series 1 Series 1 Electomechanical Controls
Effective January 1, 2011, the series 1 controls are no longer available.
Series 16/16M or 26/26M are the intended replacements for this unit.
Series 16/26/DF Open Board Controls Series 16/26/DF Open Board Controls
  • Series 16/16D - General Purpose Level Control
  • Series 26/26H - Low Water Cutoff with Manual Reset
  • Series DF - Level Control and Low Water Cutoff Control on one board
  • All CSA Approved.
  • Warrick Plug In Modules Series 16M / 16DM / 16HM / 26M / 26NM Plug-in Module Controls
  • Compact Size
  • Solid State Reliability
  • Modular Plug-in Design
  • 16M/16DM/16HM for differential level control
  • 26M/26NM for low water cut off with manual reset
  • Warrick Intrinsically Safe Level Control Series 27 Intrinsically Safe Level Control

    Series 27 intrinsically safe controls have SPDT output contacts and are UL approved for use in Class I, Groups A, B, C & D; Class II, Groups E, F & G; and Class III hazardous locations. Control sensitivity is factory-set.
    Series 27 is UL Pilot Duty rated.
    Warrick Series M Tilt Float Switch Series M Mechanical Tilt Float Switch
  • Non-Mercury Switch
  • Oil Resistant, Sealed Cable
  • Impact and corrosion Resistant ABS Shell
  • Normally Open, Normally Closed or SPDT Contact Options
  • Standard 40' (12m) Cable Length
  • Colour Coded Body
  • Contact Rating: 13A @ 120/240 VAC, 1/2 hp
  • CSA Approved
  • Warrick Series 3B Electrode Holder Series 3B Electrode Holders
  • Single "spark plug" style electrode holder
  • Can be used with Series 3R or 3W electrodes
  • Available with 3/8" NPT, 5/8-18NF or 5/8-24NEF thread sizes
  • Warrick 3E Electrode Housing Series 3E (Threaded) and Series 3F (Flanged) Electrode Housings
  • Cast metal construction (Cast Iron, Red Brass or 316 Stainless Steel)
  • Models which hold up to 7 probes are available
  • CSA Approved
  • Also available: Series 3G, corrosion resistant; Series 3N, flat surface mounting
  • Series 3W Suspended Electrode Series 3W - Wire Suspended Probes
  • Available with Brass or Stainless Steel electrode
  • Use with 3Z1A wire and 3Z1B adapter kit for 3B, 3E, 3F and 3N fittings
  • Also available: Series 3Y Corrosion Resistant Probes complete with factory sealed wire attached
  • Series 3R General Purpose Probes Series 3R General Purpose Probes
  • Available in Brass, 316SS, Carpenter 20, Hastelloy B, Hast. C, Monel or Titanium
  • Up to 10 lengths, which can be joined together for applications requiring longer lengths
  • Teflon® coating available
  • Further information on Warrick Controls may be found at:
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