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Two models specifically designed for dry and wet sprinkler systems. The “Air” model has a range from 0-80 PSI with a retard range of up to 250 PSI. The “Water” model has a range from 0 to 300 PSI. Both units feature a 3.5” diameter dial and a 1/4” NPT connection. Specially designed for fire sprinkler systems Suitable for air and water media Corrosion resistant case Approved by Factory Mutual (FM) and listed by Underwriter Laboratory (UL-393), USA and Canada CRN Registered Internal pointer travel over-stop Accuracy: ASME Grade B, 3-2-3% of full scale
Models: PFE3933 0-300 PSI PFE3932 0-80 PSI with 250 PSI Retard
PFE Series Dimensions
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