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Specifications: Dial 4.5” (115mm) white aluminum with black and red markings Case Black phenolic, with pressure relief back, solid front, integral back flange Pressure Relief Back Polypropylene Window Polycarbonate Ring Phenolic Pointer Aluminum, anodized black, micrometer adjustable Socket 316L SS Connection 1/4” NPT or 1/2” NPT standard, bottom or back Bourdon Tube 316L SS, drawn seamless, TIG welded Movement 304 SS with under and overload stops Gasket Materials Silicone (Viton® option) Over-pressure Limit 25% for pressures up to 1,450 psi (9,998 kPa), 15% for pressures 1,500 psi to 8,700 psi (10,341 kPa to 59,984 kPa), 10% for pressures above 8,701 psi (59,984 kPa) Working Pressure Maximum 75% of full scale value Ambient Temperature Dry: -40°F to 250°F (-40°C to 120°C) Glycerin Filled: -4°F to 150°F (-20°C to 65°C) Process Temperature -40°F to 257°F (-40°C to 125°C) Accuracy ±0.5% ANSI/ASME Grade 2A Enclosure Rating IP65
Features Ideally suited for process, chemical and petroleum industries Solid phenolic front and polypropylene pressure relief back safety case Field liquid-fillable (bottom connection only) ASME B40.100 compliant RoHS compliant (SS and Monel® internals only) CRN registered 5 year warranty
Dimensions in Inches & mm
Ordering Information Range 1/4” NPT 1/2” NPT 1/2” NPT Back Conn. 30” Hg Vac/kPa PPC5040 PPC5060 PPC5460 30”/0/15 psi/kPa PPC5130 PPC5140 PPC5440 30”/0/30 psi/kPa PPC5131 PPC5141 PPC5441 30”/0/60 psi/kPa PPC5132 PPC5142 PPC5442 30”/0/100 psi/kPa PPC5133 PPC5143 PPC5443 30”/0/160 psi/kPa PPC5134 PPC5144 PPC5444 30”/0/200 psi/kPa PPC5135 PPC5145 PPC5445 30”/0/300 psi/kPa PPC5136 PPC5146 PPC5446 0/15 psi/kPa PPC5041 PPC5061 PPC5461 0/30 psi/kPa PPC5042 PPC5062 PPC5462 0/60 psi/kPa PPC5043 PPC5063 PPC5463 0/100 psi/kPa PPC5044 PPC5064 PPC5464 0/160 psi/kPa PPC5045 PPC5065 PPC5465 0/200 psi/kPa PPC5046 PPC5066 PPC5466 0/300 psi/kPa PPC5047 PPC5067 PPC5467 0/400 psi/kPa PPC5048 PPC5068 PPC5468 0/600 psi/kPa PPC5049 PPC5069 PPC5469 0/800 psi/kPa PPC5058 PPC5078 PPC5478 0/1,000 psi/kPa PPC5050 PPC5070 PPC5470 0/1,500 psi/kPa PPC5051 PPC5071 PPC5471 0/2,000 psi/kPa PPC5052 PPC5072 PPC5472 0/3,000 psi/kPa PPC5053 PPC5073 PPC5473 0/5,000 psi/kPa PPC5054 PPC5074 PPC5474 0/10,000 psi/kPa PPC5055 PPC5075 PPC5475 0/15,000 psi/kPa PPC5056 PPC5076 PPC5476 0/20,000 psi/kPa PPC5057 PPC5077 PPC5477
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