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H-Series Severe Service and NACE Gauges
100mm dial size Dry or Liquid Filled Adjustable Micrometer Pointer Ranges to 20,000 PSI Safety Glass Lens ASME Grade 1A Accuracy - ±1% of span 304 Stainless Steel Case 316 Stainless Steel Tube and Socket NACE models meet MRO175 for Material and Hardness Standard dual scale, PSI & kPa
Ranges/Part Numbers Range 1/4” NPT 1/2” NPT NACE 1/2” NPT 0 to 30”Hg Vacuum H20705 H20905 n/a 15 PSI H20740 H20940 HN20940 30 PSI H20742 H20942 HN20942 60 PSI H20746 H20946 HN20946 100 PSI H20748 H20948 HN20948 160 PSI H20752 H20952 HN20952 200 PSI H20754 H20954 HN20954 300 PSI H20758 H20958 HN20958 400 PSI H20760 H20960 HN20960 600 PSI H20764 H20964 HN20964 1000 PSI H20772 H20972 HN20972 1500 PSI H20774 H20974 HN20974 2000 PSI H20776 H20976 HN20976 3000 PSI H20778 H20978 HN20978 5000 PSI H20782 H20982 HN20982 10,000 PSI H20790 H20990 HN20990 15,000 PSI H20792 H20992 HN20992 20,000 PSI H20794 H20994 HN20994 For liquid filled model, add suffix “P” to the above part numbers.
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©2017 John Sherman Agencies Ltd.