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2”, 2½” and 3½” dial sizes Ranges from Vacuum through to 1000 PSI Superb Quality, Economically Priced Marsh Instruments General Service Steel Case Gauges are an economical, general purpose  gauge for pressure measurement from vacuum/compound through 5,000 psi. Suited for use  with water, oil, air, gas, or other non-corrosive media. Typical applications include FRLs, compressors, pumps, boilers, regulators, dryers as well as  commercial and industrial equipment.  Specifications:  Accuracy: ASME Grade B ±3-2-3%  Case Sizes: 2”, 2½”, 3½” diameter Case Material: Steel, painted black Tube and Socket: Copper Alloy Movement: Brass Connection: 1/8” or 1/4” NPT Dial Standard: Dual scale PSI & kPa  Window: Acrylic twist-in Clearlok 
Standard Bottom Connection Back Connection with U-Clamp for Panel Mounting Standard Back Connection
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