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Needle Valves
Part No. Material Rating BBV4 Brass 600 PSI @ 300°F Water, Oil, Gas SSV4 303 SS 5000 PSI @500°F Water, Oil, Gas These valves are used primarily to closely regulate fine flow, or as a shut off device. However, they may be  used as a throttling device on lines where rapid and  excessively pulsating pressures would tend to affect  the gauge performance or mechanism.
Part No.  Size Material Rating  126 (A03I)  1/4” NPT  Iron (Schedule 40)  500 PSI @ 400°F  A03B  1/4” NPT  Brass 250 PSI @ 400°F  CPS4 1/4” NPT  Seamless Steel (Sch. 80) 1,000 PSI @ 850°F  CPSS4 1/4” NPT  Seamless St. Steel (Sch. 80)  2000 PSI @ 1000°F  CPS2 1/2” NPT  Steel (Schedule 80) 1,000 PSI @ 850°F  CPSS2 1/2” NPT  Seamless St. Steel (Sch. 80)  2000 PSI @ 1000°F 
When a gauge is to be  used for steam pressure  measurement, a syphon  filled with water is  recommended between the line and the gauge to  prevent high temperature  steam from entering the  gauge’s bourdon tube.
Filter Type Snubbers
Part No. Media Material/Size Rating BW41 Air 1/4” NPT Brass 1,500 PSI BW42 Water/Light Oil 1/4” NPT Brass 1,500 PSI SW41 Air 1/4” NPT 303SS 5,000 PSI SW42 Water/Light Oil 1/4” NPT 303SS 5,000 PSI S40BG Air 1/2” NPT Brass 5,000 PSI S40BE Water/Light Oil 1/2” NPT Brass 5,000 PSI S40BD Heavy Oil 1/2” NPT Brass 5,000 PSI S40SG Air 1/2” NPT 303SS 15,000 PSI S40SE Water/Light Oil 1/2” NPT 303SS 15,000 PSI S40SD Heavy Oil 1/2” NPT 303SS 15,000 PSI
Filter type snubbers consist of a 3/8” diameter x 1/8”  thick micro metallic stainless steel filter element.  When placed in the line just before the pressure  gauge, the gauge pointer moves across the scale at a  rate which is proportional to the pressure differential  across the snubber element.   Snubbers help to reduce pointer vibration and can  greatly increase the life of the gauge, in a system  which has line pulsation. 
Piston Snubbers
Adjustable Snubbers
Part No. Application Pressure (PSI) Pipe Size Material “A” Dim. RS1 Air, water, steam 0-3000 1/4” NPT Brass 3½” RS7 Thin liquids, gasses 0-5000 1/4” NPT SS 3½” RS6 Thick Liquids 0-5000 1/2” NPT Brass 3-5/8” RS8 Oil, Water 0-5000 1/2” NPT SS 3-5/8” RS9 Thick Liquids 0-10,000 1/2” NPT SS 3-5/8”
Piston Type: Shocks and pulsations are absorbed in the doughnut shaped orifice (O) formed  by the piston (P) in the tube. As the piston moves up and down with the pulsation, it  automatically clears away any sediment or pipe scale that would clog a simple orifice or  needle valve.  Each snubber is furnished with three pistons. The snubbing may be changed to suit individual installations by changing pistons. By using the proper piston, any of the listed snubbers can  be made to operate satisfactorily from vacuum to its maximum rated pressure on any fluid  compatible with the body material. These snubbers may be installed vertically, horizontally,  inverted, or at any angle. 
Part No.  Max. Pressure (PSI)  Material  Size  O.A. Length  MSB4  3000 Brass 1/4” NPT  1.60” MSB2  3000 Brass 1/2” NPT  2.28” MSS4  5000 316SS 1/4” NPT  1.60” MSS2  10,000 316SS 1/2” NPT  2.28”
The Universal Adjustable Snubber has a ball check cut-off to block line  surges, shock waves and fluid hammer; and an adjustable fine thread  choke valve to tune out line pulsations. The combination of the ball cutoff  and a tunable choke valve makes it an all-purpose, universal Snubber that  is used on low displacement instruments such as bourdon tube gauges  which require heavy dampening; and with high displacement instruments  such as diaphragm, piston and bellows operated gauges, recorders and  controllers, which require moderate to heavy dampening.  The adjustable choke valve is also used as a positive shut-off valve, to  isolate the gauge or instrument, for servicing or replacement. 
Pressure Gauge Accessories