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V8 Flotect® Flow Switch

W.E. Anderson Flotect® V8 Flow Switch
  • Field Adjustable - Fits 1" to 6" Pipe
  • Leak Proof Body
  • Durable Polyphenylene Sulfide construction
  • Magnetically Operated Switch

  • V8 Flotect® Protects Equipment: Operation is simple and dependable. The double throw switch can be used to start or stop a motor, pump engine; or operate a damper or valve; shut down a burner or actuate and alarm or signal, in the event of loss or presence of flow.

    Temperature Limit 212°F (100°C) Maximum
    Operating Pressure 150 PSIG (1000 kPa)
    Piping Connection 1" NPT male
    Electrical Rating 5A, 125/250 VAC, SPDT Snap Switch
    Wire 18 AWG, 18" (460mm) long
    Overall Length 9.375" (238mm)
    Switch Body Molded Polphenylene Sulfide (PPS)
    Wetted Materials Polyphenylene Sulfide; Ceramic 8 magnet; 316 stainless steel pin and spring
    Vane Field Trimmable to fit most applications
    Installation: Index arrow points in direction of flow
    Weight 4.5 Ounces

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