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Model 100 & 100MP Single Window Sight Flow Indicator
Model 300 & 300MP Double Window Sight Flow Indicator
W.E. Anderson® is a registered trademark of Dwyer Instruments, Inc.
MIDWEST Sight Flow Indicators
Single Window (Model 100) or Double Window (Model 300) Styles Bronze Body ABS or Stainless Steel Impeller Female NPT Connections W.E. Anderson MIDWEST sight flow indicators are manufactured in the USA of quality materials and safety tested to assure long, dependable service at economical prices.
Specifications Maximum Pressure: Standard Models 125 PSI (860 kPa); ‘MP’ models 150 PSI Temperature Limit: 200°F (93°C) Maximum Flow Rate: 5 FPS with liquids; 5000 FPM with gases Window: Tempered Glass Gasket: Standard models Buna-N; ‘MP’ models Fluoroelastomer
Model Chart Size Single Window Single Window Double Window Double Window Standard Pressure Medium Pressure Standard Pressure Medium Pressure 1/4” NPT 100-.25 100MP-.25 300-.25 300MP-.25 3/8” NPT 100-.385 100MP-.385 300-.385 300MP-.385 1/2” NPT 100-.5 100MP-.5 300-.5 300MP-.5 3/4” NPT 100-.75 100MP-.75 300-.75 300MP-.75 1” NPT 100-1 100MP-1 300-1 300MP-1 1¼” NPT 100-1.25 100MP-1.25 300-1.25 300MP-1.25 1½” NPT 100-1.5 100-1.5 300-1.5 300MP-1.5 2” NPT 100-2 100MP-2 300-2 300MP-2 Options (add to part number above) -I2 Stainless Steel Impeller -G1 PTFE Gasket -G2 Fluoroelastomer Gasket (standard on ‘MP’ models)
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