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ST128M Non-Destructive Wood Moisture Meter
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Features: Detects moisture content in building materials of all kinds, as well as detects moisture distribution in walls, ceilings and floors Non-destructive - moisture sensor runs smoothly over the surface being tested without scratching or penetrating the surface Classifies moisture status as: dry, at risk or wet Display Hold button Max/Min function with alarm indication LCD display with backlighting Low battery indication with auto power off Specifications: Measuring Range: 0.0 to 100.0% Moisture Content Resolution: 0.1% M.C. Moisture Status Display: Gypsum: <30%: Dry; 30-60%: At risk; >60%: Wet; Cement: <25%: Dry; 25-50%: At risk; >75%: Wet Wood: <50%: Dry; 50-80%: At risk; >80%: Wet Penetration Depth: 20 to 40mm Power Supply: 3 x "AAA" batteries Dimensions: 242 x 63 x 30mm Weight: 226g