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SD9901 Indoor Air Quality Meter/Data Logger
The REED SD-9901 IAQ Meter and Datalogger measures CO, CO2, and O2 as well as humidity and temperature. This meter features galvanic cell CO and O2 sensors, a non- dispersive infrared CO2 sensor, and a precision capacitance humidity sensor. The SD- 9901 records readings from 3 probes simultaneously, with data hold and Max/Min record. Features: Measures CO2, CO, O2, humidity and temperature Non-dispersive infrared CO2 sensor Galvanic cell CO and O2 sensors  Includes humidity probe, CO probe, CO2 probe, O2 probe, and hard carrying case Records readings from 3 probes simultaneously Audible alarm setpoint Temperature is measured in °C or °F Easy to read LCD with backlight Data hold and Max/Min record Real time data logger with integral 2GB SD memory card (OPTIONAL) Just plug the SD card into the computer and it downloads directly to EXCEL RS-232 and USB computer interface Auto or manual power off CO2 Range: 0 to 4,000 ppm CO Range: 0 to 1,000 ppm O2 Range: 0 – 30% O2 Humidity Range: 5 to 95% RH Temperature Range: 0 to 50.0°C (32 to 122.0°F) Dew Point Temperature Range: -25.3 to 48.9°C (-13.5 to 120.1°F) Wet Bulb Temperature Range: -21.6 to 50°C (-6.9 to 122.1°F) Model SD9901 - Includes meter, Humidity probe, CO probe, CO2 probe, O2 probe and hard carrying case Optional Accessories: SD-2GB - 2GB SD memory card USB-01 - USB interface cable UPCB-01 - RS232 serial interface cable SW-U801-WIN - Data Acquisition Software for Windows
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