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Reed AT6 Digital Non-Contact Tachometer An economical tachometer for non-contact rotational measurements. Features: Provides fast and accurate rpm measurements of rotating objects without making contact Laser targeting Provides Total measurements Built-in memory recalls maximum, minimum and last value recorded Highly visible 5-digit LCD with backlight Includes reflective tape, soft carrying case and batteries Specifications: Measuring range: 2 to 99,999 RPM Accuracy: ±0.05% of reading + 1 digit Resolution: 0.1 RPM from 2 to 999.9 RPM; 1 rpm over 1000 RPM Sampling Time: 0.5 sec over 120 RPM Detection Distance: 50 to 500mm Power Supply: 9V Battery Dimensions: 160 x 58 x 39mm Weight: 151g